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Uma Thurman hugs the curves with Alfa Romeo

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A beautiful campaign has been produced for the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta, starring Uma Thurman. In this series of short movies, Uma hugs the curves of a little mountain road almost as much as her dress hugs… her curves. For the Flemish market, we recorded the sensual voice of British voice talent Linda Hayes via our APTX system.

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ADIDAS and Free Son : APTX via ISDN

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Last week, Belgian voice talent Benoît Grimmiaux did some recordings for the upcoming Adidas TV campaign with Wave Studios from Amsterdam, right from within our recording booth in Brussels. All this thanks to TOKYO, our APTX interface and its 8 ISDN channels, in a crystal-clear broadcast audio quality.
This very practical recording service is more affordable then you think! Contact us for our attractive ISDN studio rates.
http://www.freeson.be/wp-content/upload_freeson/2010/video/Every Team Needs The Spark.flv

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Zizou est Belge….

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…. en tout cas la voix off du nouveau spot Adidas « The Spark » (worldwide campaign).
C’est en effet notre Benoît Grimmiaux national qui prête sa voix à cette nouvelle campagne axée sur Zinedine Zidane et Lionel Messi.
Enregistrée dans nos studios via APTX, en collaboration avec le studio Amstellodamois Wave et l’agence 180 Amsterdam.



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